Gam Football Handed Fifty (50) Footballs To Be Distributed To Deprived Communities In The Gambia

On May 27th,2016 Gam Football fan forum handed fifty (50) brand new footballs to Norga Holding Company to distribute to deserving football clubs and deprived communities in the Gambia. The balls were handed to Mr Ba S Jabbi, the Gambian Director of Norga, from Mr. Omar Jatta, one of the pioneers Gam Football Fans Forum, who informed Mr. Ba S Jabbi that they have been following the generosity of Norga in terms of their efforts and the support they give to develop sports in The Gambia.

According to Mr. Jatta, after interviewing Mamadi Ceesay, Norga’s Chief Executive, he felt convinced that Norga can be a worthy and genuine partner in development of not only football but many areas touching on the wellbeing of society. This was the more reason they decided to give the balls to Norga for the teams. Omar said that he is aware that there are areas in the country that still lack correct balls to play football and that Norga is out to make that a thing of the past as they distribute 210 balls nationwide. The Fifty balls will increase the coverage to enable as many football clubs as possible to have a standard ball.

Ba S Jabbi, after receiving the balls, thanked Gam Football fans forum and encouraged them to keep on doing what they have been doing towards the general development of our youth and sports. Norga International is happy to note that some good people out there know and appreciate what they do for football in particular and sports in general, Mr Jabbi remarked. Louis Andrew Mendy and Harvard Haugen of Norga attended the ceremony at Norga Office Kairaba Avenue.